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Aldehyde Compounds

Aldehyde is a colorless liquid of characteristic ethereal odor, which when strong is exceedingly suffocating. It has a density of 0.790 boils at 22oC. Aldehydes can be reconverted into alcohol by treating it with aqueous solution of sodium amalgam, the liquid being kept slightly acid by repeated additions of hydrochloric acid. 

An aldehyde compound is an organic compound, which contains a formyl group. This functional group has the structure R-CHO. The exact structure has the carbonyl group centered and it is bonded to hydrogen and to an R group. Aldehydes and ketones both have carbonyl group but the difference is, in an aldehyde, compound carbonyl group is placed at the end of the carbon skeleton where as in a ketone, carbonyl group is placed between carbon atoms.

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Aldehyde Group

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An aldehyde is a compound with the general formula RCHO. Aldehydes are formed from the oxidation of alcohols which contain the hydroxyl group at the end of the hydrocarbon chain.In naming an aldehye add -al to the end of the prefix used for the longest hydrocarbon chain which includes the C of the aldehyde group.

Many organic compounds contain oxygen atoms doubly bonded to a carbon that is also bonded to two other atoms. This grouping of atoms =C=O is called a carbonyl group and it occurs in several organic families. The carbonyl group is a polar group and it helps to make compounds containing it much more soluble in water than hydrocarbon of roughly the same molecular size.

Some of the examples for aldehydes are given below.
  1. Formaldehyde (Methanal) - HCHO
  2. Acetaldehyde (Ethanal) - CH3CHO
  3. Propionaldehyde (Propanal) - C2H5CHO
  4. Butyraldehyde (Butanal) - C3H7CHO
  5. Benzaldehyde - C6H5CHO
  6. Cinnamaldehyde - C8H7CHO

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