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Amylose Molecular Weight

The polysaccharide is one component of starch and it makes up 20 - 30 % of the starch structure. Another component of starch is the amylase and amylopectin. Amylopectin contributes 70 - 80% towards the structure. 

Amylase  contributes 15% towards the structure. The laboratory test shows that starches have 15 - 30 % of amylase and 20 – 30 % of amylopectin. The molecular weight of the starch is depends on amylopectin and amylase molecular weight. As the amylose molecular weight varies due to different chain length, molecular weight also varies.

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Amylose Structure

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Structure of Amylose
  1. Amylose and amylopectin are significantly incompatible molecules. 
  2. The amylose molecular weight is less as compared to the amylopectin and it relatively extended shape whereas amylopectin is large but compact molecules. 
  3. Amylose is made up of bound glucose molecules in which one position of the glucose unit bound to the fourth position of next glucose unit.
  4. The number of repeated glucose sub units in the amylose can vary from 300 to 3000, but can be many thousands.

Molecular Weight of Amylose
  1. Amylose is a linear polymer and it is made up of D-Glucose units. 
  2. It is structurally is a linear polymer of anhydroglucose units that have molecular weight approximately in between 40000 - 340000, the chains have 250 to 2000 anhydroglucose units. 
  3. Therefore amylose molecular weight depends on chain containing anhydroglucose unit and number of anhydroglucose units as the chain length of glucose varies, amylose molecular weight varies. 
  4. Mostly three forms of chains are present in amylose and the amylose chain form is responsible amylose molecular weight varies.
  5. It exists in a disordered amorphous conformation or two different helical forms.
Optimization of the Amylose Molecular Mass
  1. The  determination of the molecular mass of amylose is a tedious procedure and it requires  more than one week  days for sample preparation means,  to remove contaminating amylopectin from the starch.
  2. The method presented the detection of amylose and amylose  molecular weight  is based on its selective detection by post-column colorization after size-separation chromatographic separation. 
  3. The amylose  molecular weight by very simple sample preparation from the post-column colorization process.

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