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Chemical Formula

A chemical formula is a notation used to convey the relative properties of the atoms of the different elements in a substance. The Chemical Formula of any compound should not be changed for the sake of convenience because each compound has a fixed chemical formula.

A Chemical Formula shows the elements that make up the compound and the numbers of atoms of each element in the smallest unit of that compound, be it a molecule or a formula unit.The elements symbol is required to write the chemical formula. Symbols for chemical element are taken from the periodic table.

The chemical formula for a substance shows its chemical composition as elements present and the ratio in which the atoms of the elements occur.

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Chemistry Problems

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Problems are solved based on the concept of chemical formula.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Arrange the following compounds in order of increasing number of atoms per molecule. C2H5OH, C7H6O3, SF6, C6H6.
SF6 = 7 atoms
C2H5OH = 9 atoms
C6H6 = 12 atoms
C7H6O3 = 16 atoms

The increasing order of atoms per molecule is
SF6 > C2H5OH > C6H6 > C7H6O3

Question 2: Which represent molecules whose formula units CaS, NaNO3, SO3, CuCl2?
CaS, NaNO3, CuCl2. All are ionic compounds, therefore each formula represents a formula unit. SO3 is a molecular compound; therefore its formula represents a molecule.

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