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List of Molecular Formulas

The molecular formula (MF) is a compact representation of an absolute requirement in order to perform structure elucidation. 

Molecular formulas are the formulas of molecules and they show all the atoms of each element in the molecule. A molecular formula need not have the smallest set of subscript numbers rather it can be either the same as or a whole number multiple of its empirical formula.

Molecular Balance

As a general statement 

Molecular formula = n $\times$ empirical formula

Where n is whole number from 1 to as large as necessary.

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Molecular Formula Examples

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List of Molecular formula of compounds are given below.

Molecular formula Name of the compound
Ag[ClO4] silver perchlorate
AgF silver fluoride
AgI silver iodide
Ag[NO3] silver nitrate
Ag2O silver oxide
AgCl silver chloride
Ag2 [SO4] silver sulfate
Ag3[PO4] silver phosphate

Molecular formula Name of the compound
Al2[SO4]3  aluminium sulfate 
Al2O3  aluminium oxide 
AlCl3  aluminium chloride 
Al[NO3] 3  aluminium nitrate 
Al2[CO3] 3  aluminium carbonate 

Molecular formula  Name of the compound 
BF3  boran trifluoride 
BaCl2  barium chloride
BaO  barium oxide 
Ba[SO4]  barium sulfate 
Ba[CO3] barium carbonate
Ba[NO3] 2 barium nitrate 

Molecular formula  Name of the compound 
Ca[CO3]  Calcium carbonate 
Ca[SO4]  Calcium sulfate 
Ca[NO3] 2  Calcium nitrate 
CaCl2  Calcium chloride 
CaO  Calcium oxide 
Ca[OH] 2 Calcium hydroxide 
CO2 Carbon dioxide 
CO Carbon monoxide
CCl4 Carbon tetra chloride 
Cu2O Copper(I) oxide 
CuO Copper(II) oxide 
Cu[NO3] 2 Copper(II) nitrate 
Cu[SO4] Copper(II) sulfate 
Copper (II) carbonate 
Copper(I) chloride 
CuCl2 Copper(I) chloride 

Molecular formula  Name of the compound 
Fe[SO4]  iron(II) sulfate 
FeCl4  iron(III) chloride
FeO  iron(II) oxide 
Fe2O3  iron(III) oxide 
FeS  iron(II) sulfide 

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