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Reproduction in Flowering Plants Summary

Reproduction occurs by vegetative propagation, asexual and sexual reproduction. Vegetative propagation through artificial method can be done by cuttings, layering and grafting.

Pollination refers to the transference of pollen grains from the anther of a flower to the stigma of the flower. It occurs by 2 methods - self pollination and cross pollination. The cross pollination may occur by different agencies like wind, water, insects, birds and bats.

Flowering plants undergo the process of double fertilisation. One of the male gamete fuses with the egg cell and forms the embryo whereas other joins with polar nuclei and forms the endosperm.

Endosperm is a highly nutritive tissue and provides nourishment to the developing embryo.

Parthenocarpy or development of fruits without fertilisation occurs in some plants.

Parthenogenesis is development in animals, without fertilisation.

 life history of an angiospermic plant

Diagrammatic representation of the life history of an angiospermic plant

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