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Natural Resources and Conservation


     The term 'natural resources' refers to all the natural things on our earth. It includes everything, that is naturally available and that is not creatable by any human activity. It specifically excludes the materials created by man.

Types of Natural Resources

     The renewable resources can maintain themselves or can be replaced if managed wisely. These resources are constantly renewed in nature. The renewable resources are therefore not likely to be lost due to excessive and unwise use.

Geological Resources

     Large number of industries is established in the course of development of human society - based on vast geological resources. Most geological resources are the basis of industrial development and improvement of human life styles.

Hydrogeological Resources

     Due to unequal temperatures during the cooling process, earth's surface developed large number of vast depressions (where oceans are formed), mountains (due to which rains are intercepted) and valleys (where rain water is collected to flow in the form of rivers, streams).

Atmospheric Resources

     The atmosphere around earth is a blessing of nature on earth to have permitted the existence of life on it. Earth is endowed with an excellent resource of atmosphere - both to shield it from sun's harsh rays and other ill effects of celestial bodies as well as to provide the basis of life on earth.

Edaphic Resources (Soil Resources)

     Edaphic resources refer to soil resources. Due to varying temperature, rainfall, topographical characters in different parts of world, the rocks weather differently. Further, the rocks themselves are of varying chemical composition. Due to this varying types of soils are formed.

Crop Resources

     The biodiversity of plants is spread in forests and crops. Crops are species of plants cultivated for centuries with specifically distinguishable characters from their wild ancestors. Forests cover large number of species on a limited geographical area.

Aquatic Resources

     Vast water bodies and large number of flowing waters support the life of aquatic species. Oceans occupying two-thirds of global area have naturally harboured a large wealth of aquatic plants and animals that are being exploited as aquatic resource.

Animal Resources

     All animal species, which are domesticated and grow friendly to human beings, are grouped as animal resources. These are some select species of animals. But they are large populations of each species, while wild species are large in number with smaller population in each species.

Forest Resources

     Forests are the most important resource of our globe. Naturally formed forests are found in such parts of globe - where the factors of plant growth have been ideal for several centuries. For this reason, they are mostly found in regions of high rainfall and regions of high altitude.

Wildlife Resources

     Wild life resources include all animals, which grow and propagate naturally without any sort of human interference. They remain in wild form without any sort of friendly association with man. Invariably they are in forests.

Causes of Extinction of Wildlife

     Wildlife species may become totally extinct if no measures are taken to protect them. Some of reasons for extinction of wild life are.

Microbial Resource

     Microbial resource is a resource not seen by naked eyes, like all other resource. But it is a powerful resource existing in all parts of globe - in atmosphere, on the earth, inside the earth, on the sea and inside sea, inside the bodies of animals and plants.

Misuse of Natural Resources

     Misuse of natural resources refers to excessive use, destructive use or achieving imbalance between resources either individually or in combination. Misuse of resources can also be direct or indirect.

Impact of Misuse of Natural Resources

     Despite all sorts of misuses and attempts to modify all the natural resources according to human necessities, natural resources have exhibited one of above restrictions. In fact, such restrictions have limited the ambitions of human being to exploit the natural resources 'in the manner he wants'.


     Man has to be dependent on natural resources despite all the scientific inventions.

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