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Plant Growth and Movements Introduction

The term growth is applied to several things and situations. It is quite common to hear people referring to growth of cities, the weeds, of tradition or even of indiscipline. You would have observed the growth of crystals or salt in the laboratory, but it is of non-living things.

Growth is one of the most fundamental and conspicuous characteristics of living organisms. It is the result of wonderful co-ordination of biophysical, biochemical and organismal processes at different levels. The net result is an irreversible increase in mass, weight or volume.

Growth may be defined as a more or less irreversible change in the structure, development of a cell, tissue or organism. Growth is thus an irreversible increase in size, weight and volume of an organism or its part. It may involve one or more of the following.

  • increase in the amount of protoplasm.
  • increase in the size of cells, their number, organs and organism as a whole.
  • increase in number of cell organelles
  • increase in weight

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