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Gothic Literature Definition

The term “Gothic” has its origin with the lavish architecture shaped by Germanic tribes called the Goths. The term Gothic novel refers to stories that combine components from horror and romanticism. In general the Gothic novel deals with supernatural events, or events befalling in nature that cannot be effortlessly explained or over which man has no control, and it classically follows a plot of suspense, uncertainty and mystery. Gothic fiction, is mostly known by the sub-genre of Gothic horror

Some of the common elements found in Gothic novels are listed below:
  • Paranormal beings or ogres (ogres, ghosts, scroungers, zombies, vampires, giants)
  • Curses or prophecies
  • Gloomy, decaying setting (haunted castles with secret openings, trapdoors, and other mysterious buildings)
  • Damsels in distress
  • Heroes
  • Intense emotions
  • Romance

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