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Hubris Definition

Hubris is derived from a Greek word, which means "extreme egotism, violating the leaps set for humans", in English it just refers to overstated egotism or self-confidence. Hubris is excessive pride shown by a character that eventually brings about his defeat. A characters anguish from Hubris crosses regular human boundaries and intrude upon moral codes. In short, Hubris is excess of confidence. Instances of Hubris can be found in major characters of fatal plays. When a wrestler shouts "I'm the greatest!" even though he's about to get thrashed by a much strong opponent is exhibiting a lot of hubris.  The character portraying hubris, also usually referred to as hybris, they have a false belief that they are “untouchable”. Hubris is an important theme in The Odyssey and in other Greek literature. Hubris can be defined as a “hero’s excessive pride that causes his downfall and the downfall of people around him.

There is an age-old human failing: Pride goes before a fall. 

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