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Adding Decimals

Adding decimals is very similar to adding whole numbers. The most important point to remember while adding decimals is to line up all the decimal points.

Adding Decimal Numbers
As usual in addition, start from the right, and add each column in turn. If the numbers we are adding do not have the same number of digits to the right of the decimal point, we still have to line up the decimal points before adding decimal values. If there is a carry while adding (that is, if a column adds up to more than, we remember to add the tens digit of that column to the next column).  Steps for Adding Decimals:

Step 1: Write the numbers in a column. Line up the decimal points.

Step 2: For whole numbers, place a decimal point after the number. Then add one or more zeros to the right side of the decimal point.

Step 3: Add the numbers as same way as for numbers without decimal points.

Step 4: Transport the decimal point directly down into the answer.
Examples for Adding Decimals

Example 1:  Add (i) 16.4 and 31.3 (ii) 25.5 and 35.5

      Adding Decimals Problem  

Example 2: Add the two decimal values 23.12 and 12

Adding Decimals Example

Practice Problems for Adding Decimals

1) Add 33.21 and 43.11    
Ans: 76.32

2) Add 38.355 and 23.07 
Ans: 61.425

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