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Algebra 1

Algebra  basically consists of symbols and expressions , equations in variables. 

Here is the list of Algebra 1 topics .
Preliminary Topics or Pre-Algebra

1) Number Sense:
(a) Integers, Rational Numbers
(b) Absolute Values
(c) Conversion between Fractions, Decimals and Percentage Values
(d) Factoring Numbers, LCM and GCF 
(e) Scientific Notation

2) Exponents: 
• Basic Rules

3) Order of Operations: 
    Example: Simplify $2(3^2\ +$ $\frac{12}{6})$ $-\ 6$

4) Arithmetic Properties:

(a) Associative Property
(b) Distributive Property 

5) Simplifying Algebraic Expressions:
    Example: Add and simplify $(2x + 4y) + (x - y)$
Algebra 1 Topics:

1) Variables:
(a) Converting the given information to mathematical expressions using variables
      Example: A number is $3$ less than double another number $n$ = $2m - 3$
(b) Evaluating Algebraic Expression
      Example: Evaluate $2x + 3y$ when $x$ = $3$ and $y$ = $-2$.
(c) Solving Literal Equations EX: Solve $x$ = $\frac{4y}{3t}$ for $x$. 

2) Linear Equations:
(a) Solving Simple One-Step Equations  
     Example: Solve $n + 8$ = $12$
(b) Solving Two-Step Equations  
      Example: $2x + 3$ = $17$
(c) Equations with Fractions  
     Example: $\frac{1}{2}$ $x - 4$ = $10$
(d) Equations with Variables on Both Sides

             Example: $2x - 3$ = $x + 5$
(e) Real Life Word Problems

3) Ratio and Proportions 

             • Numeric Problems and Word Problems

4) Writing Equations:
(a) Equation of a Line in Different Forms:
      • Slope-intercept Form $y$ = $mx + b$

              • Intercepts Form $\frac{x}{b}$ $+$ $\frac{y}{b}$ = $1$

              • General Form $Ax + by + c$ = $0$
(b) Given Slope and Point 
(c) Given Two Points  
(d) Writing Equations from Word Problems
      • Age Problems 

              • Speed-Distance Problems

              • Uniform Rate Problems 

5) Converting Units

6) Graphing Equations  
        (a) Plotting Points (numbers as points) on Number Line and $x - y$ Plane.
(b) Graphing Using a Point Chart
(c) Slope  of a Line 

             • Calculating Slope
             • Graphing Slope

             • Determining Slope from Equation of Line
        (d) Rate of Change as the Slope (for word problems)
(e) Graphing using the $x$ and $y$ intercepts.

7) System of Equations

(a) Graphical Method of Solving the System
(b) Substitution Method
(c) Elimination Method 
(d) Word Problems 
      • Mixture Problems
              • Coin Problems 

              • Work Word Problems.

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