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Census is defined as the process of collecting information about every single individual from the population of a state or country. Census is the vast collection of data containing details about people living in rural as well as in urban areas, ratio of female to male, number of educated and uneducated people, population of states, details of citizen's occupation, their family income etc. More specifically, census is said to be the set of data taken from each individual about their own living. It is a record that is collected and kept area-wise.

Details in Census Record
Census is vast and complicated record. Collection of data for census is a time consuming process.
 Census of a nation contains complete details of each and every individual of the country.
The important details that the census of a country must have, are:

  • Total number of members in each family.
  • Their age.
  • Their educational qualification.
  • Occupation of head of the family.
  • Number of earning members.
  • Modes of transport.
  • Socioeconomic details, etc.
Information Interpreted from Census
The raw data is collected from the masses and then that is arranged in a proper manner so that different results can be interpreted from them. Census of a country concludes many things,
 Few important ones are discussed below:
  • Size of the population is the most important factor that is concluded from census after accumulating all the records.
  • Other important factor that is concluded from census is the average economic state of the citizens of a country.
  • Ratio of total male to total female in a country
  • Total educated and uneducated population
  • Total urban and rural population
  • Total number of children and senior citizens
The information gathered in census is very useful for the government in order to implement various policies.
 These policies may be for the welfare of society, for the improvement in education system, for planning national budget, for infrastructure development etc.


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