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Continuous Variable

Variables are the entities that are capable of variation. There are two types of variables:Qualitative and Quantitative.
Continuous variables are a type of quantitative variables. Continuous variables can take all possible values within its maximum and minimum limits.
When the data is numeric and specifically possesses decimal point, it is said to be assigned in a continuous variable. It can take any possible values on a real number line. Continuous variable can have infinite number of values between two points.

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Few examples of continuous variables are illustrated below:
  • Heights of students of a class may be in points, such as - 152.5 cm, 148.8 cm etc. So it is a continuous variable.
  • Similarly, record of weight are continuous variable, because it can also take any value.
  • Time taken in covering a particular distance may be 3 minutes 45 seconds or 7.5 minutes. It is eventually a continuous variable.
  • Temperature of cities is a continuous variable, since it possesses any values within a range.
  • Income record of people can also take any values at real number line within a certain maximum and minimum limit and hence it is also a continuous variable.


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Properties of Continuous Variables
  • In statistics, a continuous variable possesses measurable attributes.
  • It can have any value from uncountable set of values.
  • Continuous variable can take infinite number of value within a certain range.
  • Continuous variables have a range which can vary for a function.
  • It can assign values with decimal points.

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