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Coordinate Plane

Coordinate plane is a two-dimensional space that is used to represent images and points graphically. It is divided into small parts.
Coordinate plane contains two axes, namely - X axis and Y axis. Coordinate plane is also known as Cartesian plane or XY plane. A point in the form of ordered pair can be denoted at coordinate plane. It is demonstrated in the diagram shown below :
Coordinate plane

Let us understand different parts of a coordinate plane in detail:

  • X-Axis: A coordinate plane contains a line that is horizontal and is called X axis. Its endpoints are generally denoted by X and X'. X axis goes from left to right.
  • Y-Axis: The vertical line at a coordinate plane is referred as Y axis. Its endpoints are usually denoted by Y and Y'. Y axis goes from upward to downward. X and Y axes are mutually perpendicular.
  • Origin: The center point where the two axes intersect each other is known as origin. It is denoted by "O". It has coordinates (0, 0).
  • X - axis Labeling: X axis has some kind of numbering which is known as X - axis labeling. The numbers at X axis start from 0 and increase one by one towards right and decrease one by one towards left. Thus, we can say that X axis has labeling ...., -4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, .... from left to right.
  • Y - axis Labeling: Y axis also has a numbering which is known as Y - axis labeling. At Y axis, the numbers start from 0 and increase one by one towards upward direction and decrease one by one towards downward direction. Therefore, Y axis has labeling ...., -4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, .... from down to up.
  • Quadrants: There are four quadrants at coordinate plane which are named as first quadrant (I), second quadrant (II), third quadrant (III) and fourth quadrant (IV) when moving anticlockwise on coordinate plane, as shown in the figure above. 
    The signs of ordered pair in each quadrants are :
  1. First quadrant : (+x, +y)
  2. Second quadrant : (-x, +y)
  3. Third quadrant : (-x, -y)
  4. Fourth quadrant : (+x, -y)
Where, x and y represent x and y coordinates of an ordered pair.

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