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Cylinder is one of the most important as well as basic geometrical figures. It is defined as the set of points at same distance from a fixed line. Cylinder has two circular faces opposite to each other, so a cylinder is said have a circular base. When a rectangular piece of paper is rolled with respect to its length or breadth, we obtain a roll-like shape which is called cylinder.

Curved Surface Area of a Cylinder

Let us understand few terms related to cylinder.
  • Axis: The fixed line from which the points on cylinder are equidistant, is known as axis of the cylinder.
  • Center: The center of the circular base of the cylinder is called center of the cylinder.
  • Radius: The distance between axis and the surface of the cylinder is known as its radius and is denoted by "r".
  • Height: The shortest distance between two circular faces of a cylinder is referred as its height.

Pipe, circular building, pillar, trunk of the tree etc are the perfect examples of cylindrical shapes.

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Right Circular Cylinder

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A cylinder is referred as right circular cylinder when its axis is perpendicular to the base. In this case, segment joining the centers of circular faces is height "h"of the cylinder because it is right angles to the base. The image of a right circular cylinder is shown below:

Right Circular Cylinder

Formulas Related to a Cylinder

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The following formulas are defined in context with cylinder.
Let us consider a right circular cylinder of radius "r" and height "h".

1) Volume:

Volume is defined as the amount of air contained in it. It is measured as cubic units. Its formula is given by:
$V = \pi r^{2} h$

2) Curved Surface Area:

Curved surface area of a cylinder is the area of surface which is curved, excluding the area of bases. Its unit is the unit of area i.e. square units. The formula is written below:
CSA = 2 $\pi$ r h

3) Total Surface Area:

Total surface area of a cylinder is whole surface area i.e. curved surface area and area of bases collectively is called total surface area. The unit is same as that of curved surface area. Its formula is illustrated below:
TSA = CSA + Area of Bases
TSA = 2 $\pi$ r h + 2 $\pi r^{2}$
TSA = 2 $\pi$ r (h + r)

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