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Number that contains decimal point is called Decimals .Decimal symbol is a point or a dot (.). Every whole number can be represented as Decimal number. Every decimal number has two parts one part is called integer part and other part is called fractional part. We can take one example like 4.5 here 4 is integer part ad 5 is fractional part.  There are lots of websites to explain about decimal point but Tutor vista has explained it in better way than other website. It has given so many examples on the decimals, also it has explained in better way than other website. It Is the best and famous website that helps to explain more about the decimal symbol with the relevant example problems? There are always online tutors in this website to help the students in online anytime in any topic. Below we can see about decimal .

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Decimal Symbol

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Here 5 is the ones digit and 2 is the tenth digit. The point in middle specifies the place value. This point is nothing but the decimal symbol.

The place value before the decimal point can be represented as ones, tens, hundreds and goes on. The place value of the digits after decimal point is named as tenth, hundredth, and thousandth and goes on. Below we can see some example problems with decimal symbol.


6….six tens

2….two ones

4…four tenth

7…seven hundredth

Examples of Decimals

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Example1: Add 52.67+63.18


Decimal number addition is similar to normal addition. All the arithmetic operations can be performed with decimal number. But we have to pay attention the decimal point has to be placed in the correct place.

52. 67

63. 18 +


11 5 .85

Example 2: Subtract 84.28 - 66.16


 84. 28

 66. 16 -


 1 8. 1 2


Example 3: Multiply 18.4 x 4.6


Multiplication is also very simple and similar to normal multiplication. First perform normal multiplication leaving the decimal symbol


           46 x


         1 104

         7 3 6


      8 4 6 4


Now count the number of digits after the decimal point from the given question.

So we have totally 2 digits. Now counting from the right end leave two digits and place the decimal point.

So the answer is 84.64

Example 4: Convert the decimal 6.5 as a mixed number


      Here the number before the decimal point is whole number

So 6 is the whole number and after decimal point we just have only one digit so we have to divide by 10

So `65/10`

We can simplify this  by 60+ `5/10` so we get

So the mixed number is 6`5/10` .

Example 5: Name the place value of 627.35


6------>six hundreds

2------->two tens

7-------->seven ones

(.)------->decimal point

3-------->three tenth

5--------->five hundredth

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