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Dependent Variable

Variables are classified in terms of their relationship with one another. It is customary to talk about dependent variables and independent variables. Dependent variable is a variable that depends on one or more than one independent variables. Dependent variables are observed and their values presumed to depend on the effects of the independent variables.

 For example: In equation $2x = 3y + 10$, value of the variable ‘x’ changes according to the change in the value of ‘y’. 
Dependent variables are truly dependent upon the independent variables.  
In the research process, a dependent variable is one that is the focus of the research. Dependent variables are thought to be influenced by other variables to behave in a certain way.

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Dependent Variable Example

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Example: Find the value of m in the equation $m = 4x + 8x^2 - 5$  when $x = 6$


$m = 4x + 8x^2 - 5$ 

In this equation m is depend upon $x$, So $m$ is a dependent variable and x is independent variable.

Substitute the value of $x$ 

$m = 4 \times 6 + 8 \times 6^2 - 5$

Solving the equation we get,

$m = 24 + 288 - 5$

$m = 307$

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