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Intersecting Lines

A line is said to be of infinite length. There are different types of lines explained in geometry. Let us discuss here about intersecting lines.

Intersecting lines are defined to be two or more lines that cross one another. Two or more lines that are not parallel to one another and are in same plane, are certainly intersecting lines. Two non-parallel lines lying in same plane, necessarily intersect each other. Although sometimes, they may not look like intersecting, yet they do intersect when produced in both directions.

Two intersecting lines are shown in the following figure:
Intersecting Lines
The point where two or more lines intersect one another, is known as point of intersection or intersecting point.

Vertically Opposite Angles
When two lines intersect each other, four angles are formed. Among those angles, the two pairs of angles that are opposite to each other, are known as opposite angles or vertically opposite angles. An intersection of two lines contain two pairs of vertically opposite angles which are equal to each other.
Vertically Opposite Angles
In above figure, there are two lines are intersecting each other, then
$\angle$A = $\angle$B
$\angle$C = $\angle$D

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