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Mathematical Expression

One of the major skills required in mathematics is to translate a verbal expressions into a mathematical expressions. To translate a verbal expression into a mathematical expression, we must assign a variable/variables to the unknown quantity before writing the mathematical expression.

For example, translate "the sum of 4 and thrice a number" into a mathematical expression. Firstly we have to assign a variable to the unknown quantities. If the unknown number = x, then thrice of the number = 3x. According to the statement, result is 4 + 3x.

Some examples to write the expression for single statement are as follows:

 Statement   Mathematical Expressions
 Sum of a number m and 3   m + 3
 20 divided by a number y $\frac{20}{y}$
 Product of 10 and a number z  10 $\times$ z
 A number q decreased by 51 q - 51
 Difference of a number t and 45  t - 45

Below are basic laws for Mathematical Expression:

Commutative Property of Addition

x + y = y + x

Commutative Property of Multiplication

x $\times$ y = y $\times$ x

Associative Property of Addition

(x + y) + z = x + (y + z)

Associative Property of Multiplication

(x $\times$ y) $\times$ z = x $\times$ (y $\times$ z)

Distributive Properties of Addition over Multiplication

x $\times$ (y + z) = x $\times$ y + x $\times$ z
(x + y) $\times$ c = x $\times$ z + y $\times$ z

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