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Pre Algebra

Pre algebra is an important branch of mathematics which prepares the students for algebra course in higher classes. Pre algebra is generally taught from grade five to grade eight. Pre algebra makes students learn initial concepts of algebra which are foundation for higher level algebra.

Pre algebra includes computation of basic operations on variables and constants, finding highest common factor or lowest common multiple etc. It involves problems related to roots, exponentiation, fractions, percentage, simple graphs etc.

Few problems included in pre algebra course are illustrated below:

Let us consider some examples of algebraic equations.

Problem 1: Solve 3x - 24 = 6
3x - 24 = 6
Moving the like terms on one side,
3x = 6 + 24
3x = 30
On dividing by 3, we get
x = 10

Lets see an example of inequality.

Problem 2: $2-3x\geq 6$
Solution: $2-3x\geq 6$
Subtracting 2 from both sides,
$2-3x-2\geq 6-2$
$-3x\geq 4$
$x\leq -$$\frac{4}{3}$

Look at a percentage problem.

Problem 3: Calculate 2.5% of 150.
2.5% of 150
= $\frac{2.5}{100}$$ \times 150$
= 0.025 $\times$ 150
= 3.75

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