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A pyramid is a three-dimensional figure which is formed by joining vertices of a polygonal base to a point called apex. In other words, pyramid is a 3D shape that is obtained by connecting three or more triangles all together. A pyramid is shown below:


Following are few terminologies related to a pyramid -
  • Lateral Faces: The slant faces are known as lateral faces.
  • Apex: The point where all the lateral faces meet is called apex.
  • Base: The face opposite to apex is base.
  • Edge: Line where two faces meet is called edge.
  • Vertex: The corners of each face are called vertices.
  • Height: The perpendicular drawn from the apex to the base is referred as height of the pyramid.
  • Slant Height: It is the line segment joining apex and midpoint of base of each lateral face is known as slant height.

If a pyramid has "n" number of sides in its base, then number of faces, vertices and edges will be n + 1, n + 1 and 2n respectively. For example:
A triangular pyramid has 4 faces, 4 vertices and 8 edges.

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Types of Pyramids

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A triangle with triangular base is called triangular pyramid. A triangle with rectangular, square, pentagonal, hexagonal base are known as rectangular pyramid, square pyramid, pentagonal pyramid, hexagonal pyramid respectively and so on. A pyramid that has 4 equilateral triangular faces is known as regular tetrahedron.

Volume of a Pyramid

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Volume of a pyramid is the space enclosed by it. Volume of a pyramid is given by the following formula:
$V = $$\frac{1}{3}bh$
Where, V = Volume
b = Area of base
h = Height of the pyramid

Lateral Surface Area of a Pyramid

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The formula for lateral surface area is given below:
LSA = $\frac{1}{2}$. Perimeter of base . Slant height

Total Surface Area of a Pyramid

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Total surface area of a pyramid is calculated using the following formula:
TSA = Area of base + LSA

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