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Statistics Variables

Variable is a characteristic that can be measured and can be varied from one to another. The word "variable" literally means "able to vary". Variable is one that is capable of varying. It is an attribute that assigns a number, person, place, object etc. 

In statistics, variables play a very important role Statistically, these can be broadly classified into two main parts:

  • Qualitative Variables
  • Quantitative Variables
Qualitative Variables :
These variables express quality or virtue. Qualitative variables are non numeric and generally describe an attribute.
 For example: Eye and skin color, cast, marital status, favorite pet animal, dog breed etc are qualitative variables. They assign qualitative value in them.

Quantitative Variable :
As the name suggests, quantitative variable denote the quantity which is a numeric data. These variables are used to represents any numerical value.
Quantitative variables may include height, weight, marks obtained, number of people in a family etc, because all are numbers.
Quantitative variables itself are of two types :
  •  Discrete
  • Continuous
Discrete Variables: Discrete variables are the variables that can assign a discrete point i.e. it must be a whole number. It can not assign a value with decimal point. It cannot have any value between specified range.
For example: age, number of children in a family, size of shoe etc are the variables that assign only discrete values.

Continuous Variable: Continuous variables are those which can assign any numeric value in them. These variables can have infinite number of real values. A continuous variable can attain any possible value between specified limits. It can assign a value with decimal point.
 For examples: weight, height, distance, temperature, volume etc.

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