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A variable is a bucket that can contain any type of information, but the representation and processing of this information depend on the type of the data. A variable is some aspect of a testing condition that can change or take on different characteristics with different conditions. 

Examples :

   y + 10 = 2 - x, Where x, y are variables and the value of y depends upon the value of x.

   ax$^2$ + p x + c = 0, Where x is a variable.

Types of Variables:

Variables are classified in terms of their relationship with one another. In statistics, there are several types of variables,

  • qualitative variables
  • quantitative variables
  • Independent variables
  • Dependent variables
  • Discrete variables
  • Continuous variables

Qualitative Variables:

Quantitative variables are not necessarily numerical, but can be categorized. For example Gender has two possible values: male and female.

 Example: Gender, Hair color.

Quantitative variables:

Quantitative variables can be continuous or discrete. These type of variables always have different numeric value. Interval sequence, ratio values and Ordered values are quantitative variables.

 Example :  Temperature, Height, age and marks on an exam.

Independent variables:

Independent variable is one that is believed to cause some change in the value of the dependent variable.       

Dependent variables :

Dependent variable is a measure of the behavior of the subject. The dependent variable is a response that is generally measured using at least one of the several different dimensions.

Discrete Variables:

Discrete variables are usually contains integers values. These variables do not have units of measurement.

Example: Number of schools in a city. It may be 40 or 50 not 40.4.

Continuous Variables:

Continuous avriables represent real numbers that can be subdivided into infinitely smaller gradations. These variables always have some units of measurement.

Example: Weight, years.

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