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     Every organism, whether its body is unicellular or multicellular, is capable of performing all vital functions such as respiration, ingestion, excretion and reproduction.

Classification of Plant Tissues

     The plant body is made up of different kinds of tissues.

Tissues of Meristems

     Found in the vascular cambium of dicot trees just beneath the bark. They are responsible for the increase in diameter of the stem.

Characteristics of Epithelial Tissue

     Cells are compact, plate-like with no inter-cellular spaces. It forms the outer layer of the skin and lines cavities and ducts.

Connective Tissues and their Images

     Tissues and organs in a body must be supported and held in position. This function is performed by connective tissue, which binds organs and tissues together.

Types of Muscular Tissues

     Muscles of the body are made up of elongated muscle cells also known as muscle fibre. The movement of the body is brought about by the contraction and relaxation of contractile protein present in muscle cells.

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