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4th Grade English

Free 4th Grade English Practice

Learning English is very important for each and every person. A systematic coverage of various aspects of this english language in terms of small lessons is helpful for the 4th grade students. This makes the learning interesting. 4th grade students learn English in different prospectus. In this article some important English lessons for 4th grade are given below. 4th grade students do learn these english lessons and do their practice test and know more about the English.

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4th Grade English - Homophones and Homographs

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 In 4th grade students should know about the ‘Homophones and Homographs’. 

Here we are telling about Homophones:

Homophones are words that sound the same  but are often spelt differently and have different meanings.

Example: see and sea, stare and stair etc.      

Practice Exercise: 

Read the given pairs of homophones and write the meaning of these:

(a) Boarder:


(b) Buy:


(c) Cause:


(d) Finish:


(e) Knot:



(a) A paying guest ;

An edge around something.

(b)  purchase ;

you say this when you are leaving                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

(c) reason ;

a crow makes this sound.                                 

(d) end; 

A person from Finland is called this.

(e)  you tie rops together to form this.

In no way.

4th Grade English - Homographs

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Homographs are words spelt in the same way but differ in meanings and may differ in pronunciation.

Example: Lead (pronounced as leed)   means to show the way.

                Lead   (pronounced as led) is found in pencils.

Read the   following pairs of homographs and write the meaning of these:

(a)  Shed            


(b)  row


 (c) close


 (d) present


(e)  wound


Answers: (a) to drop or fall, as in hair, tears etc.

                A shelter for animals or storage.

                (b)  use oars to make a boat move forward.

                A line of things

                (c) near


                (d) gift

                 Be where you are supposed to be a particular time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

                 (e) the past tense of wind.                                                                   

                    To cause injury to some part of the body.

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