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5th Grade English

Introduction to 5th Grade English

5th Grade English and it's Importance

The usage of English language is gaining wide importance around the world. It is being used as an international language for all sorts of communications.  Therefore it becomes necessary for a 5th grade student to learn this language properly and adequately. This helps in getting an edge for all future endeavourers. The exercise presented below has been designed keeping this point of view in mind.

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English - Vocabulary

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Vocabulary exercises

Write the meaning of these words and tell which parts of speech they are:

(a)   Cheerful:
(b)   Infectious:
(c)   Hygienic:
(d)   Condemn:
(e)   Detest:
(f)    Extinguish:
(g)   Poisonous:
(h)   Specialization:
(i)    Fellowship:
(j)    Fantasy

Answer: (a) Happy (adjective) (b) transferable (adj.) (c) germ free (adj.) (d) criticize  (verb) (e) hate (verb) (f)  put out (verb) (g) toxic (adj.) (h) specialty (noun) (i) companionship (noun) (j) dream (noun)

English - Reading Passage

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Read the passage carefully and answer the questions which are asked below the passage

A little boy used to play in the shade of a tree. One day the boy sat leaning against its trunk, and cried” I am hungry”.” Eat my friend,” said the kind tree.

Long years passed and the boy grew up. He once again come to the tree, he cried,” I have nowhere to live”. “Cut my branches,” said the kind tree.

When he grew old one day he again comes to the tree, trembling and shivering with cold.” Make a fire to me,” said the tree and it soon got burnt in the fire humming a tune.

On the basis of the reading complete the following sentences:

(1) Choose the suitable title for the passage.

(2) The tree was ---------- but the boy was ------------. (selfish, selfless)

(3) The tree -------- its life for the welfare to his friend.

Find a word from the passage which means the following:

(a) Sympathetic:

(b) Support:

(c) Shake:

(d) Stem:

Answers: (1) The selfish boy (b) selfless, selfish (c) sacrifice (3) (a) kind (b) against (c) shivering (d) branches   

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