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Debate Topics for Middle School

debate topics for middle school

Debate topics for middle school.

  1.  Cellular phones should be allowed in schools.

  2. Television makes people violent and lazy.

  3. Torture is justified when dealing with terrorists.

  4. Fast food should not be served in schools.

  5. Peer pressure is more useful than harmful.

  6. Human cloning should be permitted for progress of humanity.

  7. The United States should allow mercy killing in all states.

  8. People should become vegetarian to save the planet.

  9. Schools should allow online attendance.

10.  Violent video games make children violent.

11.  Parents should not purchase toys that are based on fighting and violence for their children.

12.  Formula one racing should be banned because it wastes fuel.

13.  SUVs versus Economy cars.

14.  Plan for the future versus Live for the moment.

15.  Beauty pageants are good for girls.

16.  Smoking should be banned.

17.  Middle schools student must wear uniforms.

18.  Supreme Court dealings should be broadcasted on television.

19.  Celebrities are good role models.

20.  Today’s children are fashion victims.

21.  Success is more important than happiness.

22.  Physical education should be compulsory in school.

23.  Pledge of Allegiance should not be mandatory.

24.  The U.S. should not send humans into space.

25.  Medical testing on animals is necessary for progress.

26.  The United States should ban the death penalty.

27.  Wal-Mart is a good employer.

 28.  Teenagers should be tried differently than their adult counterparts.

29.  The Internet has become more harmful than useful.
The United States use the metric system.

30.  Girls are better than boys at studying.

31.  Passive acceptance of a teacher’s knowledge and authority leads to disastrous consequences.

32.  All educational institutes should be co-ed.

33.  Organ donation should be obligatory for all American citizens.

34.  All criminals in America must have the right to vote.

35.  Wikipedia is a better resource than many libraries.  

36.  Perseverance and determination are more important than talent to achieve success.

37.  Great things are done only by individuals who can lead the masses.



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