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English Immersion Definition

English immersion is a direct language learning approach. It is a monolingual communicative approach. Its motto is ‘sink or swim’ that means ‘either learn properly or nothing at all’. This is a program without any necessary bilingual support system. This is a program launched in Canada after a grand success in the French immersion program. English immersion is mainly a second language learning approach to set the mind of the learners towards the target language.

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English Immersion Definition - Approaches

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There are different ways to make the English Immersion program structured. First, the learners are exposed to the real life situations and the backgrounds are chosen like tourist spots, kitchens, playgrounds; second, the indoor approach like watching movies, listening to songs and all these are in English language and the learners work hard to get accustomed to the English language tradition including the use of words in sentences, structuring sentences, using body language and pronouncing accurately.

English Immersion Definition - Technological Aids in English Immersion

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Technology is a great aid in framing backgrounds for direct language learning program and it is a good help for English Immersion. The video tool creates a life-like background with actual characters and the audio tool creates the sound effect. The video screen is made wider for a large view of the background so that the learners can feel themselves to be active characters in the scenario. Thus, the learners can be motivated to get into the English immersion program with accurate technological aids.

English Immersion Definition - English Immersion Adaptation

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The real life situations set the learners’ mind against a specific background and they may choose formal or informal language as required. If it is an office-environment, the attitude and the use of language are adjusted to the formal use; and, when meeting friends, going to a party the language is adjusted to the informal use. So, English immersion is an effective approach but it depends on the learners to adapt themselves to this direct approach.

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