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Studies have shown that most students benefit from timely feedback from experts. The more students write and more frequent feedback they get, the better writers they become. With TutorVista's Writing Advantage Program, students can submit their essays and reports and get timely, learning-driven individualized feedback, analysis and grades from our English tutors using your rubrics. Most of our tutors have a master's degree or Ph.D. in an English writing discipline. They critique these essays to identify strengths and areas of improvement for each student, helping them become better a writer over time.

Our English tutors act as a teaching assistant to school teachers and college professors, helping them provide feedback and assess essays, with instructors retaining the final grading authority. With timely and detailed feedback, students can learn to improve their writing faster, and instructors can focus their time on actually teaching instead of spending hours grading essays. Our aim is to act as your instructor's assistant and save them significant time and effort while maintaining consistent high quality feedback and assessment for all of your students and courses.

Our English tutors also act as assistants to admission officers or instructors involved in the course placement process. Our tutors assess and grade essays based on a standard rubric, and your instructors can use these to decide final placements. It takes a huge burden off your shoulders during the admission process.

Our tutors review each essay carefully, paying special attention reasoning, organization, grammar, and idea development. According to your specifications, tutors can provide feedback on:

  • Thesis development
  • Paragraph organization and effective use of evidence
  • Essay Organization
  • Idea development
  • Well reasoned arguments
  • Plot progression
  • Sentence construction
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Citations and works cited pages
  • Specific formatting and length requirements
  • And other areas of effective written communication

Extremely Affordable & Personalized Essay Assessment and Grading Service

Writing Advantage Program Features:

1. Assessment and Grading

Students upload their essays onto our platform. Our tutors critique the essays and grade them based on the agreed upon rubric as well as give detailed comments on further improvements. Our tutors typically return these essays with individualized comments within 24 hours. Your instructors may use these to assign final grades to the student.

2. Course Placement Evaluation

Students upload their essays onto our platform. Our tutors review and grade the essays based on a standard rubric, resulting in consistent grading across all students and programs. Our tutors typically return these essays with grades within 24 hours. Your instructors may use these grades to decide the final course placement.

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