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Angle Measures and Segment Lengths

Introduction to angle measures and segment lengths:

        The angles in mathematics are formed by the two rays from a common vertex. The segments in the lines are measured by adding the distance between the two or more points which are collinear. The angles have many types such as acute angle, obtuse angle, straight angle, right angle, complementary angle, supplementary angles etc. Let us see some examples for measuring angles and segment lengths.

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About Angle Measures and Segment Lengths:

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                 Let us see about the angle measures and the segment lengths. Now we see how the angles and the segments measure are determined.

               The segments postulate is nothing but when adding two or three distance points which are collinear on the segments of line.

              The angles measurements are done with the help of the other angle measure or it can be determined with the help of the total angle measure of that particular geometry figure. The angles in geometry are measured by the unit degrees.

Problems for Angle Measures and Segment Lengths:

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Example 1:

          What is the measure of the lengths of the line segment between A and B which measures about 12 cm. The distance between two points A and C is 6 cm and calculate BC?


          Now we can calculate the lengths of segment BC as follows,

          The total distance of A and B is about 12 cm.

                             AC + BC = AB

          By using the segment postulate we can determine the value as follows,

                             AC + BC = AB

                                6 + BC = 12

                                 BC = 12 - 6

                                 BC = 6

                  The distance between BC = 6 cm

Example 2:

            Calculate the angle measure of the triangle angle where the measurements of other angles are 34 and 54 degrees?


          The triangle angle measures will be about 180 degrees and the unknown angle is found as follows,

                               34 + 54 + x = 180

                                 x + 88 = 180

                                 x = 180 - 88

                                 x = 92

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