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Uses of Magnets

Magnet is the natural substance that attracts the  ferromagnetic substances like iron or nickel by the force of attraction. We can make the magnets in an artificial way also. They can be made of desired shape and size and of the desired magnetic field. There are so many uses of the magnets in our daily life and in the industries. Here in this page we will discuss some of them.

Compass Made of Magenet
Magnetic Compass used to get geographical direction

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Common Uses of Magnets

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Magnets have their lot of applications in the daily life. The major 10 uses of the magnets are as follows:
  1. They are used to construct the electrical motors and the generators which convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice verse.
  2. They are also used in the speakers which can convert the electrical energy into sound energy.
  3. They are used in the electrical bells.
  4. They are used in the Maglev trains. In the Maglev trains, the super conducting magnets are used on the tracks on which the train floats. These types of the trains are working on the repulsion force of the magnets.
  5. They are also used to sort out the magnetic and non magnetic substances from the scrap.
  6. They are used in TV screens, computer screens, telephones and in tape recorders.
  7. They are used by the candy or cold drink vendors to separate the metallic cap from the lots.
  8. They are used in cranes.
  9. They are used in the refrigerators to keep the door close.
  10. The most important use of the magnet is the magnetic compass which is used to find the geographical directions.

The use of the magnets in the medical sciences is very affective. We can use magnet therapy for the pain management without any use of the medicines. The magnets can stimulate the nerves in the human body and increase the blood circulation, which carries oxygen to the tissues. The magnet are used to heal the pains and the wounds of the athletes. Doctors uses the magnets to cure arthritis, gout, spondilitis and other problems related to the nervous system. Magnetic mattress are used for relaxing the body. In MRI we use the magnets. Magnets are used to cure the depression, headaches and migraines. 

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