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Diagram of a Power Plant

The power plant is the industrial facility, which is used to generate the electric energy. The term power plant is also used as the engines of the ships, aircrafts and other heavy automobiles. There are the several types of the power plants that are used to generate the electricity such as nuclear power plant, thermal power plant, wind power plant, solar power plant etc. In the different type of the power plant the different type of the fuel is used. The power plants are classified because of fuels, efficiency etc.

Nuclear Power Plant

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Nuclear Power Plant Diagram

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In nuclear power plant, the nuclear energy is converted into electrical energy. Nuclear power plant is a kind of thermal power plant in which the thermal source is the nuclear reactor. In thermal power stations, heat energy is used to produce the steams which drives the steam engine followed by a generator. This produce the electricity. In general, we can say that nuclear power stations are based load stations. Because the nuclear fuels are the part of cost production. The schematics of the nuclear power plant is given below:
Parts of Nuclear Power Plant

Besides the nuclear and the thermal power plant, there are several types of the power plants. For example, solar power plant, wind power plant, hydroelectric power plant etc. In the solar power plant the solar panel containing the large quantity of the solar cells are used to convert the solar energy into electric energy and then used. This is the cheapest source of the electric energy. In the wind power plant, the large number of the windmills installed at the open area so that they can rotate and hence the turbine rotates to generate the electricity. In the hydroelectricity the potential energy of the water stored in the high dams is used to run the turbines and hence the electric energy generates.

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