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Electrical Safety

Electricity is the very useful form of energy in our daily life. Now at this time we cannot imagine the life without electricity. But without proper precautions the electricity may be so harmful that it may even lead to death also.So it should be everyone's concern to be aware of electric safety.
We should be bothered about safety each time even when you think about touching something that is connected to an electrical circuit. The electrical testers plays a very important role to test with circuit breakers and fuses and circuits can be shut off to avoid contact with electricity all together.

Electrical Safety
Stay away from the switches carrying these boards

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Electrical Safety Tips

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The more bothering thing about safety is when bad weather strikes. Tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding and ice storms really is a time when the electric safety is more often thought about. In this informative piece, you'll find some great tips to keep you safe when working with electricity.To avoid the accidents from the electricity first make the two important safety features of the electricity. These two safety features are:
  1. Earthing
  2. Electrical fuse.
It is a process used as the safety device for the user of electricity. In our main supply form the electrical pole there are three wires. These three wires are live wire, neutral wire and the earth wire. The other end of the earth wire is connected to the big metal plate and deep buried inside the earth. Most of the electrical appliances in our house are fitted with the three wires out of which one is the earth wire. The earth wire is connected to the metallic body of the electrical appliances with the help of a wire made by the lead. So connecting the metallic body of the electrical appliances by the earth is called earthing. The earthing of the electrical appliance is used to protect the user form the electrical shock.

Electrical fuse:
It is an safety device to protect the electrical circuit from the overloading. A fuse is a thin piece of a wire made by the material having low melting point and high resistance. It works on the heating effect of the electric current. It is made by the tin and copper alloy and is always connected in the live wire. As the large amount of the electric current pass through the circuit, the fuse wire gets heated according to the Joule’s heating effect of the electric current the fuse wire has low melting point so it melts as the current is high and the circuit is incomplete so the flow of current restrict in the circuit and the appliance is safe now. We have to use a fuse wire of proper ratings. A thick wire has high rating.

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