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Examples of Displacement

Displacement is a vector and which is given as the shortest distance between the initial and final points. It is an important parameter in the case of motion of a body. Or we can say that it is a fundamental measure when we considering a motion. Both distance and displacement are seems to be similar. But there are some difference. Distance is defined as the total path covered by an object. It is a scalar quantity. Some of the examples of the displacement is given below.

Distance Displacement

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1. Consider a rectangle of sides A, B, C and D. A girl is moving from the point A to B, B to C, C to D and D to A. Calculate the displacement?
Displacement Rectangle

Here the girl starts from A and finally she reaches the same point. The initial and final points are same in this case. So, the displacement of the girl is zero. Whereas the distance he travels is same as the perimeter of the rectangle.

2. A girl walks from a point A to B and then C of a triangle shaped path given in the figure. Find out the displacement of the girl?
Displacement Triangle

We know that displacement is the shortest distance between two points. Since the shape of the path is triangle, the shortest distance is the hypotenuse. According to Pythagoras theorem,

Where a and b are two sides of a triangle
          c is the hypotenuse
So, the displacement is given by,
Hence c=5=displacement

3. Calculate the displacement of a moving object in a given figure?
Displacement Square

Displacement= Final point - Initial point
D=10-2=8 units

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