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Examples of Kinetic Energy

Every thing around us exhibits motion like a stretched rubber band, a person walking, running etc. It can be said that anything in motion gains energy and this energy gained by any body is the kinetic energy.If a body of mass m moves with velocity v then the kinetic energy is given by the relation:
KE = $\frac{1}{2}$ mv2
Since the mass m is in kg and velocity v is in m/s the SI unit for energy is kgm2/s2 or J.

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What is an Example of Kinetic Energy?

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Kinetic energy is that a body gains due to its motion. It relys on speed and mass of the body. Since mass is in kilogram (kg) and velocity in meter per second (m/s). When an object moves it possesses kinetic energy. It is of five types:
  1. Radiant energy
  2. Thermal energy
  3. Sound energy
  4. Electrical energy
  5. Mechanical energy
Below are some illustration on kinetic energy you can go through it:
In billiards the player hits a cue ball with the cue. When the ball comes in contact with another ball it transverse the kinetic energy allowing the next ball to be accelerated.

Momentum Image

A person aim at some point and shots the arrow by pulling the bow back and releasing the arrow. The energy he puts on the arrow makes it  to move which is manipulated as kinetic energy.

Kinetic Energy 

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