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Examples of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is related to the energy of nucleus. Nuclear energy is generated by the process of  fusion, fission or decay process. There are many applications by which nuclear energy is used. Some of them are nuclear power plant, atom bomb etc. It may also refer to nuclear binding energy, nuclear power, nuclear potential energy etc.

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Nuclear Energy Examples

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The origin of nuclear energy is from the splitting up of uranium atoms while nuclear fission. The main process for the production of nuclear energy is fission, fusion and nuclear decay. Nuclear power plant is a kind of thermal power plant in which heat is generated from the nuclear reaction, fission reaction. This heat energy is used to produce steam which rotates the turbine and hence electricity produced.

Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Fission Reaction:
In fission reaction, a large nucleus splits in to lighter nuclei by releasing a large amount of nuclear energy. Controlled fission reaction is the principle behind the atom bomb.

Nuclear Fusion Reaction:
Fusion reaction is the reaction in which two lighter nuclei combine together to form a bigger nucleus. In this reaction large amount of heat energy is required. Fusion reaction is takes place in Sun.

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