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Examples of Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy

Potential energy is that energy stored in any body whereas kinetic energy is the energy a body possesses by its motion. We see many a activities across us like a car moves,a ball rolls, river flows, an athlete runs, rides in amusement park, a satellite in orbit etc. Lets see some of the examples where the potential energy gets converted into kinetic energy.

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Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy Examples

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Here are some examples on kinetic energy and potential energy you can go through it:
Lets stretch a rubber band, it will gain potential energy. The more we stretch it the rubber band gains more potential energy. When it is released, potential energy gives out the motion. So here Potential energy gets converted into Kinetic energy.
Stretched Rubber Band
Rubber band stretched by hands

Lets take an archery illustration.The archer stretches the string and then releases the arrow towards the target.Here the stretched bow possesses kinetic energy that gets converted into kinetic energy once the arrow is released. Hence the potential energy gets converted to kinetic energy.
Kinetic Potential Energy Illustration
Archery illustration

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