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Examples of Transverse Waves

A wave is a oscillation or a disturbance which can travel through a medium. This disturbance can transfer the energy while transmission. Waves are generally described using wave equation which gives the idea about how the disturbance varying with time.There are two types of waves. One is mechanical wave, which propagates through a medium and the particle of this medium is deformed. The other form is electromagnetic wave, which is propagated with out a medium. A wave can be longitudinal or transverse depending up on the oscillating direction. Transverse wave oscillate perpendicular to the propagation direction. Whereas the longitudinal wave moves parallel to the direction of propagation.

Transverse and Longitudinal Wave

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Transverse Waves Examples

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Some of the examples for transverse waves are mentioned below:
  • Light waves
  • Magnetic waves
  • Radio waves
  • Sound waves
  • Gamma rays
  • Water waves
  • X-rays
  • Microwaves
  • Heat
Transverse Waves   

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