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Fahrenheit to Centigrade Conversion

we all know that temperature is measured either in Fahrenheit or Celsius scale.Suppose we are referring the Celsius scale and we get the temperature in Fahrenheit or may be the case be vice verse. So Lets study about both Fahrenheit and Celsius formula and their conversions. 
Fahrenheit and Celsius Scale
Temperature scale showing Celsius and Fahrenheit scale

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Fahrenheit to Celsius

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Lets see how to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius:
Fahrenheit is a temperature scale devised by Daniel Gabriel used to measure the temperature. Its freezing point is 32o F and boiling point is + 212o F. Celsius (centigrade) is a unit named after  Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius is used to measure temperature. The boiling point of water is 100o C and freezing point of water is 0o C.

The Fahrenheit to Celsius formula is given by
Fahrenheit to Celsius Formula
The Celsius to Fahrenheit formula is given by
Celsius to Fahrenheit FormulaHere F is Fahrenheit and C is Celsius. Hence the relation.

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