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Finding Normal Force

Normal force is that what acts perpendicular to any surface.Its an action-reaction force pair perpendicular to body weight mg.

It is denoted as Fn or N is the element, perpendicular to the surface of contact, of the contact force used by, for instance, the surface of a floor or wall, on an entity, preventing the entity from incoming the floor or wall. In a static state it is sufficient to poise the forces acting on the entity, like the force with which the entity pushes beside the surface and friction.

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Normal Force Formula

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If its an inclined plane as given in figure the angle $\theta$ measured from the horizontal surface.
Normal Force
Then the strength of the normal force is given by
N = mg cos $\theta$
Where N is the normal force, m is the mass of body,g is gravitational field strength, $\theta$ is the angle tending to be measured from horizontal.

The inclination angle and the weight angle away from the normal will be the same.
The weight always acts straight towards the earth's center.
The normal force N is equal and opposite to the perpendicular force acting.

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