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Velocity Time Graph 

The velocity is always called as time rate of change of the displacement in the body. Its a vector quantity so can be positive, negative or zero. For the uniform motion the velocity time graph will be a straight line whereas for the non uniform motion it may be a curve or anything. Lets see about how to draw velocity time graph and some sample graphs on it.

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Velocity vs Time Graph

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To show the motion we use a lot of things like use of words, use of diagrams,use of numbers,use of equations, and the use of graphs. As we will learn, the specific features of the motion of objects are demonstrated by the shape and the slope of the lines on a velocity vs time graph. With the help of the velocity time graph here we are discussing how to create the velocity time graph. Following steps are included here:
  1. Read the given data
  2. Plot the time interval data along x-axis and velocity data along y-axis.
  3. Draw a line joining these points and draw the slope to get the velocity time graph.
Given is a sample graph of velocity and time:
Velocity versus Time Graph
The slope here is
Slope (AB) = $\frac{Change\ in\ Velocity}{time\ taken}$ = $\frac{BC}{AC}$ = $\frac{30 - 20}{6 - 4}$ = 5 m/s2.

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