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After BPO it is KPO: Indian teachers tutor US and UK kids.

Bangalore -November -01,2005.

It is no longer just the BPOs gathering recognition and moolah but the KPOs are already here.

The Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) are taking on a big way. The latest being the tutoring of US and UK kids by teachers in India.

It is no longer just the IT professionals and call centres agents who will profit, but teachers as well.

It will also ensure a much higher pay to the teachers, which can be anywhere between Rs 7,000 to Rs 14,000.

There is a one-to-one interaction between the tutor and the student through the internet.

They both use a headphone and a microphone and communicate using a whiteboard.

They can write or draw on it and the other person can immediately see it or read it.

The tutor is trained on the same syllabi that the students use, and tutors them sitting in India.

Tutoring is provided for students in kinder garten to college, in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Integrated Science.

The first such company has started in Bangalore a month ago. The company Tutor Vista, has been started by K Ganesh, one of the first persons to start BPOs in 2000.

He founded CustomerAsset, which is taken over by ICICI. “Though there are a few educational institutes in Delhi working on similar lines, they are doing it on trial. We are the first to take it as a project,'' Ganesh says.

Tutoring online is a totally new concept. But is taking off well as is it is cheaper and more convenient.

In US the students have to pay around $ 60 per hour for a tutor. But online tutoring costs just $ 20 per hour.

In addition, there is no travel time or the concern of parents chauffeuring their children. Research by the company has shown a favourable response by US parents towards Indian tutors.

“Indians are considered to be intellectually superior and regarded as good teachers,'' Ganesh says.

The revenue earned here is double to that of a BPO. “A BPO may earn around $ 10 per hour, while tutoring earns $ 20,'' Ganesh says.

Currently, Tutor Vista has 20 tutors and intends to grow to 200 tutors within a year.

The industry has great prospects and may become the next job provider for teachers.

“Many companies like us may come up. But it will not be like a BPO with a huge pool of people,'' he says.

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