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Philadelphia - January 11, 2008 -, the preeminent online tutoring company, today announced the launch of its live one-on-one homework help program for public libraries in the U.S. and Canada, giving students easy access to high-quality, instant academic support and electronic reference materials at their convenience, even at home by logging onto their public library's Web sites. Since the Boston Public Library first loaned out a book in 1848, public libraries have been integral to communities, augmenting educational programs with books, periodicals, reference and audiovisual materials and recently technology-based tools and services. According to a recent study conducted by Florida State University, the local public library is the only available provider of free public Internet access for nearly 73 percent of people.

A study conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that library usage is "heaviest" amongst Americans aged 18-30., founded in 2005, has always had a singular aim- to provide affordable, high quality tutoring to students everywhere - especially to students who didn't have tutoring available before.'s Library Advantage Program continues that commitment by extending affordable and accessible tutoring to public library patrons, just as the company did when offering free tutoring to ten of the poorest communities in the United States in 2006.

"We are aware that one-on-one homework help - provided just when a student needs it -significantly improves student mastery and academic performance," said Dr. John Stuppy, President. "For students who might spend hours struggling with problems they don't know how to tackle, provides immediate guidance to boost understanding of their assigned materials."

Designed to accommodate the tight budgets of libraries,'s Library Advantage Progarm gives communities real value for a minimal incremental cost. The program gives libraries detailed monthly usage reports to help them demonstrate its value to their patrons.'s Library Advantage Program is unique in that it provides both voice-based live tutoring and text/chat-based tutoring. Students can use's voice-over-IP (VoIP) capabilities to talk naturally with a tutor where permitted in the library or at the students homes. Voice-based tutoring is five times faster and engages more senses than typing-based tutoring. Tutor and student share a virtual whiteboard on their screen where each can see what the other writes or draws.

In addition to affordable, convenient live tutoring, the Library Advantage Program makes the company's library of math and science simulations, animations, videos and study aids available to students around the clock. These electronic reference materials provide engaging, interactive resources that bring concepts to life and stimulate student learning.

"'s Library Advantage Program, is a great resource for our patrons to access here in the library and at home," explained Michelle Yochim of the Romeo District Library, MI. "Whether it's snowing or a beautiful day our patrons can have homework help through our Web site in their homes."

With's new program for libraries, students log in using a library card, specify the grade and subject in which they need help, and gain immediate access to a tutor. More information about's Library Advantage Program is available at

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