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July 31, 2006

WEEKLY INTERFACE-TutorVista Takes On-Line Tutoring to Next Level


NEW YORK, NY - TutorVista is the latest entrant to the world of 24-hour online tutoring and test preparation services, to help provide students, from kindergarten to the graduate level, with individualized learning programs. All services are provided by world class experts based solely in India, which has come to be known as the educational hotbed of the world.

A seasoned entrepreneur with a strong IT background, Founder, Chiarman & CEO of TutorVista Krishnan Ganesh has a history of starting green field ventures and helping them develop into robust and successful entities. Ganesh founded in 2005. Talking with India Journal, Ganesh underscores the fact that TutorVista uses the latest technology to break past any language barrier that may exist between Indian tutor and American student as well as 60-hour training and a stringent selection process to ensure they recruit only tutors who can pass communication standards to provide the best tutoring available. Students are able to schedule sessions at any time for virtually all subjects as well as exams such as the PSAT, SAT, ACT and AP.

Looking back over the year, Ganesh assessing the response, says it has been very encouraging. “We are able to reach out to students who up until now knew the benefits of personalized one-on-one tutoring, but found it either inconvenient or unaffordable. We have more than 500 students currently using our service many of whom are repeat clients. Our youngest client is 6 years old and our oldest is a 42-year-old preparing for the GMAT. The subjects in highest demand for tutoring are math, English, physics, chemistry and biology. Our most popular test preparation packages are geared toward the SAT and ACT. ”

Explaining why he chose this venture, he says the US is experiencing a full-blown education crisis as evidenced by declining test scores, abysmal global rankings of US students in math and science, poor graduation rates, lack of basic reading and writing skills, and other well-reported problems. This sorry state has been reached because of a lack of interest in education by parents and students, a shortage of teachers especially in math and science and inadequate funding at the school level. The federal government has realized that the US cannot remain competitive globally unless education is fixed; thus the billions of dollars being pumped into the No Child Left Behind Act. Private individuals like Bill Gates, Fortune 500 companies and others are also actively trying to mitigate this situation.

While all studies have shown that one-on-one tutoring is the best way to increase academic performance, tutoring is too expensive for many American students at $30-$50 per hour, and it is often inconveniently located. The situation for test preparation is even worse with Kaplan charging around $150 per hour and well-known tutors charging even more. TutorVista was created to make one-on-one tutoring affordable and convenient for students.

TutorVista’s USP, Ganesh figures is affordable monthly tutoring as it offers unlimited one-on-one tutoring for $100 per month in a variety of subjects including math, English, science, accounting and economics. Also Test Prep Packages are offered to assist students in preparing for nationwide exams such as the SAT, ACT, GMAT and GRE, and state-level assessment exams such as the Regents and state exit examinations such as CASHEE. When asked how students in the US can be assured of the quality of services provided, Ganesh explains that they have designed this service specifically to meet the needs of US students.

“We recruit, train and certify tutors to meet stringent US academic standards and to have a thorough understanding of US teaching methods. All of our teachers have either earned a Master’s degree in their specialty subject or a dual Bachelor’s degree in their specialty subject and in the education discipline,” he says.

Students can sign up for one free session with TutorVista before subscribing to the service. The initial diagnostic test and student assessment ensures that TutorVista understands each student’s needs upfront so that customized plan can be designed.

“Our academic director is in constant contact with the student and his or her parents to ensure that the program is on the right track. When necessary, we take corrective action mid-course based on this feedback. The student also has the option to provide feedback on the tutor’s teaching style or to request a new tutor,” he adds.

To top it all, TutorVista provides a full money back guarantee if a student is not completely satisfied with the tutoring or test preparation services.

The main hurdle TutorVista is facing is getting the word out about the company and its services. “Since this is our first year in business, some of our challenges stem from the fact we have created a unique business model,” Ganesh adds.

Future plans include expanding the service to include other state-level assessment tests and competitive examinations as well as language coaching in Spanish, French and German. Plans are also afoot to expand services to Australia in the coming year. Ganesh has a post-graduate degree from the Institute of Management in Calcutta as well as a Mechanical Engineering degree from Delhi University. He currently serves as a member of the visiting faculty at Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (Mumbai), Indian Institute of Management (Calcutta) and Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad. As an educator, he has also conducted workshops on topics including Managing Exponential Growth, Entrepreneurship Challenges in Today’s World, and Motivating Employees in High-Tech Industries.

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