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October 16, 2006

Indians tutor U.S. pupils


American students having trouble with pesky math equations or intricate English grammar are increasingly turning to tutors all the way in India for help with their homework.

The tutors are part of a growing army of teachers being recruited across the Asian giant to dispense their knowledge online to American youths.

At TutorVista, a Bangalore-based company that started U.S. services in November, customers pay $100 a month for unlimited hours of electronic tutoring on a variety of subjects, ranging from physics to history.

The price represents a fraction of the $40 to $100 an hour parents typically pay for face-to-face tutoring sessions.

"We see TutorVista as a business to make education affordable to the masses," said Krishnan Ganesh, the company's founder and CEO. "It's a big anomaly that the United States produces the maximum number of Nobel laureates ... and yet the education system is in crisis at the school level."

Mr. Ganesh said that 1,900 Americans, the youngest 6 years old, have enrolled in TutorVista, with most seeking help for math and English, followed by science.

About TutorVista

TutorVista is an online tutoring company that provides affordable tutoring and test preparation in the United States and United Kingdom. TutorVista uses technology to bring high-quality tutoring to the student's home and uses global education resources to makes tutoring affordable and convenient. TutorVista is the perfect solution to address problems like declining test scores, a shortage of teachers and lack of affordable supplementary education and test preparation. To learn more about TutorVista visit