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Scientific Name of Apple

scientific name of apple

Scientific name of Apple:

Malus domestica
is the scientific name of apple. Apple belongs to the kingdom of plantae. It comes from the family of rose named “Rosaceae”. Initially they were considered species of pear genus of pyrus. Later they were discovered to be from the genus of malus. It is most widely known of the many members of genus malus that are utilized by mankind.

The apple trees have been grown for more than thousand years now and there are almost 7500 different kinds of trees all around the world like the Golden Delicious, Winesap, Jonathan, and McIntosh.

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" - The perfect fact about the fruit.

  • It is one of the most widely cultivated fruits throughout the globe, and the most widely known fruit utilized by mankind.
  • Apple is considered to be a special fruit by the nature to the human mankind.
  • Apples are mostly available in two colors - Red and Green.
  • It appeared to be in circular shape almost all the times and rarely available in other shapes in some parts of the world.
  • It is set to be a fruit with most number of nutrients.

What is a Scientific Name ( as Apple = Malus Domestica ) ?

In Biology, each and every living beings or organisms are classified by using scientific name. Generally, the name takes the root from either Greek or Latin.

The scientific name of a fruit, vegetable, tree, animal or a species is formed by the blending combination of two specific terms. The first word represents the genus of the organism and the second one, its species. This system of naming the beings on earth is known as “Biological Nomenclature”. A scientific name also speaks about the relationship of one animal with that of the other. These names are significant as they allow people throughout the world to communicate explicitly about animal species. There are a set of rules that talk about naming an animal kingdom or plants. These rules help people to identify each and every species in a unique manner. 

Benefits of Apple ( Scientific Name Malus Domestica)

It is said that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This is said because of the benefits people derive from apples. Some of the important health benefits of apples are as follows:

1. Eating apples help in strengthening the bones. It also increases the bone intensity.

2. Drinking apple juice helps in controlling asthma or wheezing problem among children.

3. Apples aid in preventing Alzheimer disease. It’s a kind of disease that affects brain cells.

4. People eating 2 apples a day can lower their bad cholesterol range.

5. Research studies show that apple has the capability of preventing lung cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer and breast cancer.

6. Apples facilitate in managing diabetes and to reduce excess weight if taken regularly.

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